Shrewsbury Mountain School

Telephone: 802-786-3995

Principal: Kristin Cimonetti


Shrewsbury Mountain School is perched up in the mountains of Shrewsbury. The town’s big claim to fame dates back to October 1986, when a moose fell in love with a cow and hung around for more than two months, attracting tens of thousands of people to the town over the course of the courtship. Although there hasn’t been any moose/cow dates in recent years, our students would probably be the first to notice, spending plenty of time in outdoor classroom experiences. 

Founded in 1974, the school is part of a small, but vibrant community. Teachers, parents and community members all contribute to providing experiences and opportunities above and beyond the average for the children at SMS. From community workdays filled with shaping our outdoor spaces, to field trip invitations to visiting experts eager to share their knowledge, the support for our school is strong. 

SMS has long been dedicated to educating our students to be thoughtful and engaged citizens and we are working to extend these values through a focus on sustainability. Our students participate in outdoor classrooms, plant and tend a student-run garden and interact with community experts to learn about science and local history in addition to many other place-based educational opportunities. SMS is dedicated to weaving environmental, social, and economic sustainability and equity into the fabric of our student education.